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Tengen Uzui’s Wives: Who they really are and just why They have 3

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Tengen Uzui was a characteristics within the Devil Slayer: Kimetsu Zero Yaiba’s and he is the better labeled as someone who keeps step 3 spouses. He’s an effective flamboyant reputation with lots of charm and you may charm, therefore it is not hard to imagine so it piece with step 3 wives.

That is informed me from the Tanjiro just who asserted that Tengen’s family members methods polygamy. Polygamy means that a person is into the a romance or ily’s direct decides step three wives for their guys when boys turn fifteen.

More info regarding Tengen’s wives would be mutual, instance their names, characters, their looks, as well as their dating which have Tengen Uzui.


Makio are a great kunoichi and one of your own spouses from Tengen Uzui. Kunoichi try a phrase useful females ninjas, very Makio is quite skilled in ninjutsu. Makio is younger, their peak is actually average and her frame was voluptuous while you are their sight try fantastic and large which might be framed because of the large eyelashes. This lady locks are black with fantastic-brown bangs.

Makio is renowned for their headstrong identity. This woman is determined and understands exactly what she wants. She’s pleased with herself and has now very good count on. Makio isn’t completely insensitive, because she would be seen worrying about Tengen’s health.

She does not have any superhuman efficiency however, she was born during the a beneficial shinobi members of the family, ergo Makio gets the exact same abilities given that a great ninja.