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Certain relationship turned far more sexual; interactions between spouses, between parents and children, otherwise ranging from grandparents and you will grandchildren

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Very respondents think it is crucial your individual having dementia thought that these people were nonetheless an appreciated an element of the family relations as well as societal existence. While you are numerous participants showcased the newest meaninglessness of your longevity of the new people having dementia, of numerous participants approved meaning and value on the state. You to definitely respondent said (r3): It’s mostly concerning your conception regarding mankind. The new detection of complete personhood. That they are allowed and you may approved. In my situation, it’s about choosing the beauty, the fresh new self-respect, in addition to facts (…) while the in a way, they don’t defeat inside the bush”

Extremely participants chatted about impact a form of obligation; they must “do” something you should prove self-respect and meaning on lifetime of their nearest and dearest.