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Now joining me personally today is among the most our very own elder wealth managers

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I opinion cashflow, which then goes into brand new outlined lifetime incidents, and this determines or reaffirms house allocation and you may solidifies the latest taxation methods and you can estate thought that people perform to have members

This woman is Susan Travis. Susan works out your Houston offices. She’s an authorized economic planner. And you may she in fact is an expert in helping family members carry out the riches, and you may helping family members would wealth from generation to generation. Thus, Susan, thank you for visiting the brand new Science from Monetary Liberty podcast.

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Susan Travis: Good afternoon, and thank you, Doug, for allowing me to join you and address today’s topics on wealth, tax, and estate planning strategies.

Doug Fabian: Awesome. Before we jump into our subject, tell us a little bit about yourself. Maybe how you got into the business. How would you describe what you do to someone you had just met?

Susan Travis: Well, I actually started in the trust administration side of finance back in 1987. And that allowed me to get to know and understand clients not just through their investments, but through their eyes and their concerns for the generations both above and below them.